YABC 2019


The Wise Foundation is an Oklahoma-based nonprofit health organization dedicated to providing help, hope and healing to burn survivors through support groups, programs and educational assistance. The Wise Foundation has partnered with survivors, families, health care professionals, burn centers and fire departments to assist in recovery, provide psychological support and offer ways to improve the survivor’s quality of life after enduring a traumatizing event. In conjunction to the individual support, through our programs, the Wise Foundation also provides services to other burn foundation camps and support groups around the nation.

Purpose for Conference

The conference is geared at steering young adult burn survivors towards a source of assistance, rehabilitation, and reintegration into society after enduring a burn injury. The empowering 3-day weekend, is developed around encouraging self-acceptance and self-discovery.

Survivors Will

  • Learn to develop a new understanding of their true abilities and capabilities
  • Participate in group discussions regarding effective personal coping skills
  • Learn about self-discovery and social acceptance
  • Discover their future dreams & develop personal goals
  • Grow with other survivors who they can share their story with.
The overall goal of the conference is to encourage a smoother transition for burn survivors, from their teenage years to the adult years of their life. This mission is accomplished through breakout workshops, group discussions, panel interviews and special guest speakers.


Our mission is to provide meaningful resources to burn survivors and survivor support systems so that together, we can see every burn survivor live life to the fullest: without limitations, fear, or insecurity.