Monthly Series Overview

Burn Survivor Organizational Leader Loved One or Supporter
December 2016 Scar Shaper
Description: Recap and expound on the 2016 Young Adult Conference Session, Scar Shaper.
Making the Big Ask
Description: Asking for money is one of the most dreaded responsibilities of nonprofit leaders everywhere. How can you making this process easier? When should you ask? How much should you ask for?
The Truth About Survivor Guilt
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January 2017 Get Your Hopes Up
Description: Recap and expansion on the 2016 Young Adult Conference Session, Get Your Hopes Up.
Volunteer Retention
Description: Developing an energetic volunteer-base requires significant time, energy, and resources. How can you maximize this investment and retain the best performers?
Nonverbal Cues of Distress
Description: Sometimes words are an ineffective tool of communication. This series covers the importance of listening to the words unsaid, reading body language, and providing support when words are not enough.
February 2017 Everyday Finances
Description: The cost of treatments associates to burn injuries are astronomical. Some survivors receive settlements, but many do not. What are some financial best practices that can help survivors manage medical expenses, everyday finances, and prepare for a stable financial future?
Volunteer Appreciation
Description: A critical key to volunteer retention is volunteer appreciation. Why should you demonstration volunteer appreciation? What does appreciation look like for your team? How can your organization improve in this area?
How Are They Really?
Description: How do you differentiate between a symptom and a root issue? When the support you’re providing seems to have no positive effect, how do you read between the lines to offer them the help they truly need?
March 2017 Social Media and Personal Branding
Description: All actions have consequences, whether positive or negative. How can you use social media to your advantage? What does your personal brand look like? When can honesty and individuality start hurting you?
Presenting Powerful Programs
Description: Whether in impact or execution, some programs are more successful than others. This series explores the vital elements of a powerful program from conceptualization to execution.
Empowerment Through Accountability
Description: What does accountability look like? Why is accountability important? How can you empower a survivor through accountability?
April 2017 Attitude and Altitude
Description: We’ve all been told a positive attitude can go a long way. But how long is long? What’s the difference between denial and perseverance?
Industry Research and Report
Description: Hear from industry leaders the newest research on burn injuries, burn survivors, and burn survivor support systems that can impact the way you help your burn community.
The Truth About Physical Scars
Description: While no one can ever truly experience the trauma and pain of a burn survivor second hand, this series attempts to convey the reality of some of these experiences to non-survivors might not yet comprehend the depth of the injuries. The purpose of this series is to raise awareness of the pain, the medical treatment and overall process, and the long term consequences of burn injuries.
May 2017 Happiness
Description: What is happiness and how can I be happy? These two questions have been asked by millions of people over thousands of years and is asked by many people today. Arguably, everything we do, we do to gain some kind of happiness in our lives. This series answers these two questions in part and is a very directive starting point to discovering this feeling for yourself.
Budgeting Tips for Financial Sustainability
Description: Long term financial sustainability for any nonprofit organization should be of the utmost importance. It is our responsibility to our beneficiaries, as well as our donors and supports. This series covers budgeting best practices to increase your organization’s financial sustainability.
The Truth About Emotional Scars
Description: The physical pain is only one dimension of the long term impact burn injuries can have on a survivor. This series covers the tremendous emotional toll that follows, and the emotional rollercoaster burn survivors experience from injury and recovery to reintegration and rehabilitation.
June 2017 Seasons
Description: Recap and expound on the 2016 Young Adult Conference Session, Seasons.
Schmoozless Networking
Description: Building long-lasting relationships is the invaluable difference-maker of most successful individuals and organizations. How can your organization connect to movers and shakers in the community and build mutually beneficial relationships?
When People Stare
Description: Burn Survivors with visible physical scars often struggle to blend into a crowd. How can you be the agent of comfort and security, and diffuse a tense or uncomfortable situation? Additional questions to consider are: Why do people stare? How do you support, and not embarrass, the Burn Survivor? What are some emotions strangers, survivors, and supporters feel in new environments? (Discomfort? Curiosity? Embarrassment? Sympathy? Empathy? Pity?)
July 2017 Purposeful Gratitude
Description: Gratitude has tremendous power to change a situation, mindset, and worldview of any individual. How can you be intentional in using this powerful tool to take control of your circumstances and make a difference to those around you?
The Dangers of a Short Term Mindset
Description: Do we offer short term or long term solutions to those we’re aiming to benefit? What do we risk when focusing only on the here and now and how can we expand our influence to leave a long term impact on those we help?
Recognizing Symptoms of Depression
Description: When is it time to call for backup? This series is not a treatment plan for those struggling with depression but rather a guidance on symptoms, behaviors, and circumstances that can be indicative of a need to pursue professional, medical help.
August 2017 The Next Step
Description: Recap and expound on the 2016 Young Adult Conference Sessions, Striving Forward and The Journey Continues
The Strategy of Helping
Description: This series covers the value non-profit organizations provide to our social and economic environments, how make a sustaining, long-lasting, and impactful difference, and developing creative solutions.
To Confront or to Empathize?
Description: Many Burn Survivors experience a cycle of emotions that require different types of support at different stages. Some of the hardest situations to distinguish between are when the survivor needs empathy and they need confrontation. When are these two actions appropriate and when are they inappropriate? When do they help and when could they hurt?
September 2017 Relationships and Intimacy
Description: Many Burn Survivors deal with insecurity, distrust, and issues of self-esteem. This series covers the nature and requirements of healthy relationships and intimacy, including topics such as communication, setting expectations, handling disappointments, and many others.
Purposeful Partnerships
Description: No one can do it alone. How do you identify possible strategic alliances that can be mutually beneficial in creating synergy between two organizations, purposes, and projects? What does a healthy, synergetic partnership look like and what’s best for your organization?
Communication in Isolation
Description: When your Burn Survivor shuts down and refuses to let you in, what is the best way to help? What could they be dealing with? What can you do? How do you balance support and space?
October 2017 Dealing with Dysfunction
Description: Recap and expansion on the 2016 Young Adult Conference Session, Understanding and Coping with Shame. The series further explores the symptoms of internal and external Dysfunction, and the importance of a healthy mindset and living environment.
Financing Your Event
Description: Arguably the biggest challenge for non-profit organizations and foundations everywhere is the task of raising funds for a large event. This series covers funding sources, making requests, budgeting, best practices, and other helpful tips and recommendations in financing non-profit events of any size.
Helping not Hindering
Description: This topic covers the fundamental question all supporters struggle with: At what point does your help become harmful? How do you support survivors without weakening them? When do you stick with it and when do you let go? This series focuses on practical issues. Emotional issues are covered in a series entitled: “To Confront or to Empathize?”
November 2017 The Warrior Within
Description: Recap and expansion on the 2016 Young Adult Conference Session, The Warrior Within.
Volunteer Development
Description: An organization is only as strong as its team. This series provides best practices and recommendations on recruiting, developing, and training passionate volunteers to better serve your niche community.
A Day in the Life of
Description: Experience is considered the best instructor and it’s almost impossible to help someone who has experienced something you can’t relate to. This series is designed to provide raw and honest perspectives from Burn Survivors first hand that can help you walk a mile in their shoes.


Our mission is to provide meaningful resources to burn survivors and survivor support systems so that together, we can see every burn survivor live life to the fullest: without limitations, fear, or insecurity.